Drawings by Pat Rocha Sr .

Drawings by Pat Rocha Sr.


Welcome to Eurodent Dental Lab

We have been providing highly aesthetic and functional restorations to over 150,000 patients since 1991.

Our goal is to focus on each specific project with the highest degree of integrity.

Eurodent Dental Lab believes in specific technicians for specific doctors. You will always speak with the same dedicated person as if you were working with your own personal technician.

Eurodent Dental Lab is not a big lab. Our goal is not to work with every doctor, our goal is to work with good doctors who share our philosophy of care.

See Our Technologies for more information regarding our products, materials and services.

Mission Statement

We are committed to you and your patient.

Using the latest technology and unsurpassed artistic skills, our objective is to provide function and aesthetics to every restoration we do, year after year.

Our integrity and strict protocol will deliver accuracy and lifelike prostheses giving the peace of mind needed to run a successful patient oriented dental practice.